A window on the sea


As it is regularly happening these times, my partner and I started what we believed to be a short journey, but we found ourselves locked away from home, for months on end.

This time we went to visit my family for the Christmas break and boundaries were closed behind us just a few days later. Thankfully it's a time in which I'm developing a personal software project so my work and life pattern can interlock in unusually free ways.

After some time with my family we decided to take a place for ourselves in a town not far away, where we are supposed to stay about one month. I have made some photography, which is good as I hadn't for some time. Post-processing is arranged using software on my phone. It's not the way I enjoy to do things (and not so subtle as result), but I find it fitting to use arranged means instead of sticking with a preferred, but unavailable, favourite way.

Gaeta, Italy, Feb-Mar 2021.