My name is Daniele, I wear many hats

I am an Italian software developer, with mathematical background, currently based in London.


Software development has long been my passion, before becoming my profession. Outside of my paid-for job, I have been involved in several Free Software projects.

In my blog you can find a series of articles about software development.


I am currently trying to make most of my living from the development and maintenance of Free Software projects. The main one is currently psycopg3, which I aim to make the state of the art in the communication between the Python language and the PostgreSQL database.

There are several other established Free Software project I maintain, as well as ideas for new projects to come. If you would like to encourage their development, or to steer it towards features you are interested in, please consider a sponsorship.


In order to complement my work on Free Software I am also open to contract work through my personal company Codice Lieve, incorporated in London.

I specialise in Free Software technologies, web services, full-stack development, distributed systems. Please get in touch to receive a complete résumé.


Outside of software development I appreciate art, especially visual art, and I practice photography as the right intersection between the artistic and the scientific mind.